Definition of Mojo

: a magic spell, hex, or charm

broadly : magical power


Hello, my name is Laura aka Lolo.

I've pretty much always been interested in being an artist. I took drawing very seriously as a child and didn't care to do much else other than watch and play Pokémon. I would honestly say that Pokémon played a huge part in my first artistic endeavors. It even inspired me to draw my own made up creatures and name them and write out their unique attributes and stories about them. So yeah..shoutout to Nintendo for igniting that little artistic flame in me.

By the time I reached high school I was taking basic art classes and knew I was going to aim for an art degree of some kind in college.

Sculpting with polymer clay started off as a cute little hobby while I was going to school for Graphic Design in 2012. I randomly came across another artist's tiny clay cupcakes online and immediately bought some clay and started making similar tiny foods. Sharing these little clay charms with friends and family led to requests for custom creations which motivated me to explore more sculpting tools and techniques.

For several years I was sculpting here and there, but school and work didn't leave much time for diving into clay.

Even so, by 2015 I knew I wanted to take sculpting more seriously, so I created Lolo's Mojo. The simple story behind the name is that Lolo is one of my nicknames and I call my artwork my "mojo" because I consider my artistry to be the most magical skill I have.

I was working at a smoke shop when I received my Graphic Design degree in 2016, and not long after that I was offered a job I absolutely could not turn down. A great friend of mine asked if I wanted to travel the country selling functional glass art to smoke shops with her. This wasn't just some cheap gas station china glass. This was truly beautiful and totally unique glass blown by over 40 incredibly talented American artists.

One of the many perks of this job was that our boss asked me to sculpt on some of the more "basic" clear water pipes that weren't getting much love in order to add some interest to them. She was able to sell the glass I had sculpted on and some of my pendants, and thus a new door was opened for me.

So not only was I traveling the country selling badass glass art with one of my favorite people, I was also creating my very first Creeps and selling them to these shops along with our other artist's work. It was an absolute dream and an experience I'm forever grateful for.

I left that job in 2017 and decided to really start working on my brand and go all in with sculpting. Although there's been a lot of trial and error these last couple of years, I'm happy with the growth I've experienced with every mistake and bump in the road. It's been a great 10+ years playing with this medium.

So that's kind of where I am now.

I spend most of my days sculpting and hanging out with my boyfriend and my cat. I have yet to use my Graphic Design degree other than for my own branding, but I have held onto a lot of those fundamental design rules and incorporate them into my sculptures. 

My goal is to continue sharing my creations with you guys and furthering my skills and career as a full-time artist. I appreciate the support of everyone who has been there from the beginning of my journey and everyone who has found me along the way. You guys are the reason I’m able to continue living my dream💜